ASMC's Professional Development Institute (PDI) 2022
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CDFM Module 1,2 & 3 Mini-Courses

Take a deep dive into the core areas of Defense Financial Management with ASMC’s Certified Defense Financial Management (CDFM) Courses!

Each CDFM Refresher course provides intensive instruction focused on the material covered in one of the three modules of the Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training Course (EDFMTC). Although there are no prerequisites, these mini-courses are intended for those who have completed a significant amount of exam preparation and wish to “top off” or refresh their knowledge prior to taking a CDFM exam. The CDFM Refresher mini-courses will be offered on-site at PDI 2022 in Atlanta on the Monday and Tuesday before PDI begins.

Choose the module for which you need a refresher prior to taking your CDFM exam(s). Note that registration is limited to the first 40 attendees for each Module.

Each Module is $295.00 each (does not include a text book or exam) and may be added at time of registration.

CDFM Module 4:Acquisition Business Management Course

The two-day Module 4 Acquisition Business Management Course will be offered on-site at PDI 2022 in Atlanta on the Monday and Tuesday before PDI begins. It covers major weapons systems acquisition from the Program Manager’s perspective and is taught by a highly experienced instructor. Intended for individuals who are interested in learning more about the defense acquisition process and are pursuing the CDFM-A (CDFM with Acquisition Specialty) designation.

Module 4 is $320.00 (does not include a text book or exam) and maybe added at time of registration.

Pre-PDI Course Dates: May 30-31 2022

mod schedule
For more information on the Pre-PDI courses please click here.


Testing Eligibility
You must be actively enrolled in the CDFM Program at the time of testing.

To check enrollment status Log on to your ASMC account and click on “Update Profile” to view your “Enrollment Expires” date.
If there is no date showing or if your enrollment has expired, enroll or extend your enrollment in the CDFM Program.

If your enrollment will expire before your testing date or if you are CDFM certified and would like to take the Module 4 Acquisition exam, please contact the Certification Department for assistance.

The CDFM Candidate Handbook is a critical resource for exam preparation. Get a free copy of the CDFM Candidate Handbook and learn more about CDFM Certification by clicking Candidate Handbook image on the right of the screen.

If you have questions before PDI, contact us at or (703) 549-0360. Onsite at PDI, come see us at the CDFM Table for assistance.

Testing Reservations
We are offering onsite paper-and-pencil testing with results sent in 24 hours or less.


Changing Testing Reservation at PDI
You can change the module and testing appointment after purchase, but the exam(s) can only be taken at PDI 2022. All 4 CDFM module exams are available and can be taken in any order. More than one exam can be taken on the same day, but only one exam can be taken per testing session. Note: The retake waiting period is 14 days for a 1st retake and 28 days for additional retakes of the same module.

Exam Expiration
PDI 2022 exam fees are non-refundable and can only be used at PDI 2022. If you do not show up for your testing appointment and do not reschedule and take it by the last available testing session PDI, your exam fee will be forfeited.

Exam Authorization Conversion
If you have an unused Pearson VUE exam authorization that you would like to use at PDI, please contact the Certification Department at or (703) 549-0360 for assistance.

Testing Sessions

CDFM testing Schedule
CDFM Study Room: A309
The CDFM Study Room provides a place for testing candidates to review their study materials in a quiet space away from the PDI hustle and bustle. Note that no talking or cell phone use is allowed in the study room.

CDFM Testing Room: A310
Please show up outside the testing room 10-15 minutes before your testing start time with a valid, government-issued, photo ID. All personal items, including study materials, jackets, purses, smartwatches and cell phones (turned off) must be placed against the testing room wall. No cell phone or calculator use is allowed in the testing room.

CDFM Recognition at PDI 2022

CDFM Badge Recognition

PDI badges for active and retired CDFMs and CDFM-A will feature the CDFM logo. Come see us at the CDFM Table near Room A308A to get your CDFM and CDFM-A buttons and badge ribbons!

CDFM Reception

We love to celebrate our certificants and invite all active and retired CDFMs and CDFM-As to join us on Thursday, June 2, from 6-7:30 in the Omni Atlanta Hotel’s International Ballroom. Come let us treat you to a complimentary beverage of your choice, light appetizers, and a small gift of appreciation while you enjoy live background music! A special thank you to Management Concepts for sponsoring this event.

Attendance is limited to those who have Active or Certified Retired CDFM or CDFM-A certification. If your certification has lapsed and you would like to be reinstated, come on back into the fold! Before PDI, contact us at or (703) 549-0360. At PDI, come see us at the CDFM Table for assistance. Reinstatement does not require retesting! See the requirements here.

Those who earn the CDFM at PDI before the Reception takes place are also invited! Come see us at the CDFM Table for assistance with registration. (Candidates expecting to complete the CDFM at PDI should be sure to submit their VFME form before attending PDI, so passing the exams is the last of the requirements.)

OUSD-C Now Accepts the CDFM as an Alternative to DFMCP Certification

For more information click here